The selection of the Participants to the Ideathon will be carried out after the closing of the application period through a careful evaluation of the quality and relevance of the competences of the candidates (in the case of single Talents without an idea) and of the quality and level of innovation of the idea proposal (in the case of ideas for proposals).
The successful admission of the candidate will be communicated via e-mail after the expiry of the application period.
The selected participants will receive the complete documentation to be signed to confirm their participation in the IMOVE Ideathon.

The projects developed and presented by the single talents and teams will be evaluated by a jury (the "Jury") composed mainly of representatives of the organizing bodies and experts.
The proposals will be evaluated according to the following parameters for a total of 20 points:
- 5 points: Utility / Value;
- 5 points: Feasibility
- 5 points: Relevance to the proposed Challenge
- 5 points: Creativity / Innovation.
After the evaluation, a phase of consultation between the members of the Jury will follow, which will determine the final ranking of the projects in the competition, which may not match the ranking obtained by considering only the scores related to the parameters indicated.
Participants are informed and expressly approve the fact that the Jury will evaluate according to discretion.
The Participants, moreover, expressly consent, as of now, not to raise objections to the composition of the Jury, the decision-making process or the decision taken, which therefore will be unquestionable.

The Participants will have the opportunity, during the three days of the Ideathon, to get in touch with professionals and experts in the field, teachers and mentors to refine their idea through the use of tools and methodologies.
The winning team will have the opportunity to access (with ONE person entitled to a trip, accommodation and participation in the event) to the international final of Y4PT Global Trasport Hackathon in Stockholm, during the UITP World Summit in June 2019, one of the main events on sustainable transport in the world, to challenge each other in a final round and have the possibility to be included among the best innovative transport solutions in the world.

The prizes are not substitutable or convertible in any form, if requested by the winners.

Each participant will use the premises where the event will take place, as well as the materials and equipment made available by the organizers and /or brought by the Participants themselves, with the utmost care and diligence and will strictly adhere to any indication provided by the organizers in order to ensure the safety and safety of all Participants.

Each participant expressly declares that any prototype, idea, project or part of it presented within the Ideathon is original and does not in any way infringe, in whole or in part, the intellectual property rights of third parties, pledging to indemnify and keep the IMOVE consortium, UITP, TfGM and Y4PT unharmed, in addition to the employees and / or consultants of the same, for the operational management of Ideathon, from any and all liabilities, requests for compensation for damages and / or indemnity to be made by any third party in this regard.
The intellectual property rights inherent to the concepts developed and / or the proposals presented by the teams and its members remain in the hands of all the team members, who will be fully responsible for the protection of these rights through the means prepared for this purpose by law (application for registration, presentation of patent, etc.).
The Participants acknowledge and authorize the IMOVE consortium, UITP, TfGM and Y4PT to communicate, disseminate and / or publish their works or part of, within the Event and/or by means and communication media possibly used for the promotion of the Event itself (even after its execution).
The Participants take note of the fact that such advertising will entail the visibility to all Participants of the Event and/or third parties communication actions, and that the IMOVE consortium, UITP, TfGM and Y4PT, and their partners, do not assume any responsibility in case of use and / or abuse of the idea or work and / or possible development and realization of the same and / o of the project related to it by anyone who had come to knowledge, the Participants renouncing to make any claim for damages and / or compensation against the IMOVE consortium, UITP, TfGM and Y4PT and their partners and collaborators for any reason or cause.